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Aggregate values for all countries

In StatPlanet, when rolling over each country or even when selecting a specific country from the drop down, the values for the each category will display.  However when selecting 'All Regions' from the drop down, I want the aggregate for all the regions to appear under each category on the indicators window.  I would like the have this occur with any specific region that is selected as well. Is this possible?

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Aggregate values cannot be calculated within StatPlanet but can fairly easily be calculated automatically in the StatPlanet Data Editor since it is Excel-based (using the 'sum' Excel function). You would just need to add the regions for which you wish to have aggregated values as extra columns in the Data Editor, as explained here:
The only way to show the regional aggregates though would be to roll over the region in the country selection panel (once added as explained above they will appear here), and they can also appear in the map as 'map points', as explained in the link above.