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Issues Displaying Map Text Labels


I am having an issue with map text labels that I cannot figure out. I am currenlty working on three seperate StatPlanet documents related to community, private, and public universities in Texas. All three have the same settings in the 'Map Options' portion of the Data Manager (MAP-TXT: 3, MAP-TXT-L: 1, ZOOM-INCR: 1) and the MAP JOIN ID is identical (OBJECTID). However, the private and community college layouts will not display the name of the schools (no issues with the public universities). 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,


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Hi Mark,

Are none of the labels showing? If that is the case it could be the lack of space on the map, i.e. overlapping labels. But it sounds like it is a different issue. Would you be able to send the map via e-mail, and also the university one for comparison - so it can be looked at at this end? Many thanks.



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Hi Frank,

Yes, I can send you the map documents for the universities. I do all of the pre-processing of the shapefiles in ArcGIS before converting to JSON, I went back on Friday and went through the process of setting up the private universities shapefiles again and re-testing the layer in StatPlanet to determine where I went wrong. In ArcGIS, I perform a Union function on two separate shapefiles (Texas state boundary and the Texas private, public universities, etc.) before conversion just to give you an idea of what I do beforehand.

Thank you,


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Hi Mark,

For some reason the codes can be displayed but not the names. A solution would therefore be to use the names as the codes. You could either run the setup map macro again, or you could manually change the MAP-ID to 'Name' in the sheet 'settings'. Then in the sheet 'Import, you could manually copy all the names in row 2 to row 1 (so you would have two rows of names, actually, since the code equals the name). Finally, in the sheet 'settings', variable 'MAP-TXT-L' would need to be set to 2 (display map codes).

Perhaps in the GIS software, you may also wish to add padding to the university polygons, to make them more visible?

I hope that works for you - it was tested successfully with the private universities map at this end.

Best, Frank