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StatPlanet Cloud and Wix

I am trying to publish our StatPlanet Cloud maps onto a pre-existing Wix website. The FAQ on the StatSilk page says this is possible, but there are no steps included. How can I do this? What files need to be uploaded to Wix and do I need to update the HTML when it is copied over? Can someone please provide step-by-step instructions?

Thank you!


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Hi Seth,

Unfortunately we do not have any experience using Wix, but in principle it should be possible through the use of two apps:

- AnyFile app to upload the required files: StatPlanet_Cloud_licensed_web_only.html, the map file (map.js), and data files (settings.txt and data.txt): http://www.wix.com/app-market/anyfile/overview - this has a premium version which may be required, but the free version could be used at least to test it out.

- iFrame app to embed StatPlanet Cloud in any location: http://www.wix.com/app-market/html-iframe-embed/overview.

The file StatPlanet_Cloud_licensed_web_only.html would need to be modified to refer to the location of the map and data files on the server, depending on where the AnyFile app places them. It can be edited in an application like Notepad - the files names/locations are in the beginning, (data_file, settings_file, and map_file). You would need to use a relative path, so if the data file location is "www.mysite.com/anyfile/data.txt", the location indicated for data_file should be "/anyfile/data.txt"

If you run into issues with the above please let me know and I will support you further in getting it up and running.