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One country Map


I am trying to make a map which focuses on one country. I would like to map out different organisations in one country and have some info about each of these organisations when you scroll over the marker on the map/click on it.

I am having trouble creating the excel spread sheet for this. I am using the example spreadsheet which was included in the initial zip download. Not sure which variables I should be using as I do not need all the countries. I only need one country ( Cambodia ) and then map out the different regions/provinces.

Thanks in advance !

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Thanks for your message. For country-level maps, you would need to download "StatPlanet Plus" (StatPlanet does not support country-level maps), and within the ZIP, use the Shapefile Map edition. You would then also need the Cambodia map. A list of useful websites for finding maps can be found here: http://www.statsilk.com/maps/download-free-shapefile-maps.

Or you may find the map you need here: http://www.diva-gis.org/gdata

Please see also the following guide for loading a shapefile map into StatPlanet:

The following links could also be useful:
- add map points or points of interest to your map: http://www.statsilk.com/files/resources/User_Guide_StatPlanet.htm#_Toc39...
- add map area popup text: http://www.statsilk.com/files/resources/User_Guide_StatPlanet.htm#_Toc39...

I hope that helps.