StatTrends is a free web-based application for creating and embedding interactive charts and graphs into your web-pages. A desktop version is also included.

StatTrends has a limit of 5 indicators or variables. Included in the StatTrends download is StatTrends Plus, which has a more advanced feature set, such as support for large data sets, additional graph types, custom logo options, and various export options. 

Creating your own charts and graphs is easy. Just use Excel or other spreadsheet software to insert or import data. No programming is required.

Related software

  • StatPlanet adds interactive mapping capabilities, and has the same powerful interactive graph capabilities as StatTrends.
  • StatPlanet Cloud - A mobile-compatible version of StatPlanet with dashboard capabilities.

StatTrends Features

StatTrends has support for the following interactive visualizations:

- Bar and column charts
- Scatter plots or bubble charts
- Time series graphs
- Bullet graphs
- Vertical bubble charts (non-commercial desktop or licensed version only)
- Multiple indicators time series graphs (available as an add-on module
- Multiple indicators stacked area charts (available as an add-on module)

StatTrends empowers users to interact with and explore the data through the following features:

  • Explore several indicators over time through the powerful scatter plot / bubble chart (similar in features to Gapminder and Google's Motion Chart). In addition to the x-axis and y-axis variables, a third variable can be displayed through bubble size. The 'bubbles' can be animated over time, and optionally 'trails' can be displayed to visualize trends for individual bubbles.
  • Play time-based animation for all chart and graph types;
  • Select and compare multiple indicators through drop-down menus;
  • Select and highlight variables of interest, and optionally display additional information through popups;
  • Customize the graph scale and colors (both within the StatTrends user interface, or pre-set using the included Data Editor);
  • Organize lists of variables into groups, enabling users to easily switch between different groups of variables. A variable group can also be created by users through the StatTrends user interface;
  • Maintains user selection when switching between different indicators and graph types.

Advanced features

StatTrends Plus has the following additional features which are not in the free StatTrends web version:

Embedded logo:

  • Embed a custom logo in the main StatTrends interface screen (bottom-right corner), replacing the existing StatTrends logo. In the licensed web version the logo can be loaded from an external image file (JPG, PNG or SWF). In the licensed desktop version the logo is embedded within the software, and can be provided in any image format.

Graph options:

  • Additional graph types:
    • Vertical bubble chart, where bubbles can be resized according to a second indicator.
    • Multiple indicator line chart / time series chart (with add-on module only).
    • Multiple Indicators Stacked Area Chart (with add-on module only).
  • Display benchmarks: add one or two benchmark or target lines in your graphs, with customizable labels and mouse-over popups.

Table options:

  • View data for all years / time units for the selected indicator (one indicator, all years/time units).
  • View data for all indicators in the selected category (multiple indicators, one year/time unit).
  • View data for all years / time units and for all indicators in the selected category (multiple indicators, multiple years/time units).
  • View data for all indicators in all categories, for the selected map area and year / time unit (all indicators, one year/time unit, one map area).
  • Filter table by map region or by selected map areas.
  • Export your customized table as a 'CSV' (comma separated values) file which can be opened in Excel or other spreadsheet software.

Data options:

  • No indicator limit. Organize indicators through categories and if required - sub-categories and sub-sub-categories.
  • Option to dynamically load data from a database.
  • Split large data files into multiple smaller data files to reduce the initial download size, and only load additional data when the user requests it through the drop-down menus.

Add-on modules:

Export options:

  • Export graphs and charts as a PNG or JPG file (web version only). This requires a web server that is configured to run PHP or ASP files.
  • Export data as a CSV data file (web version only). This requires a web server that is configured to run PHP or ASP files.

International character sets:

  • International character sets are available on request, e.g. Arabic or Chinese. They are not included by default, because it increases the size of the application by around 50-250 kb.
  • Please indicate which international character set (if any) is required when you purchase the software. Changing the configuration after payment and delivery of the software can only be done at additional cost.

Other features:

  • E-mail feedback icon: Include an optional e-mail icon with customizable e-mail address/subject/body to get comments or feedback from users.
  • Group indicators in the indicator panel, for example by female/male or rural/urban.
  • Link icon: copy (share) a link to the currently selected indicator.
  • Link sitemap: auto-generate a complete categorized list of links to all indicators in StatPlanet (produces HTML code for embedding in a web-page). See example.
  • Search panel: dynamic search for indicators, with search results updating as you type.
  • Statistics: display customizable indicator-level statistics (total, mean, standard deviation, range).



The basic web version included with StatTrends is free for commercial and non-commercial use.

StatTrends Plus requires a license purchase for commercial use. For non-commercial use, the desktop version is free, but the web version requires a license. The StatTrends Plus license is valid forever (i.e. it never expires) and is valid for one web domain*. A number of add-on modules are available at additional cost. See also the license terms.

Non-commercial license:

  Cost in USD
Desktop version: Free
Web version: $ 250
Mobile app: request a quote
Upgrade: $ 150


Commercial license:

  Cost in USD
Desktop version, 3 users: $ 395
Web version: $ 395
Mobile app: request a quote
Upgrade: $ 250


License and payment details

  • E-mail support: One year of e-mail technical support is included with a license purchase.
  • Payment in other currencies: Please indicate your preferred currency of payment through the purchase form for a custom quote.
  • Payment methods: Payments can be made either via bank transfer (wire transfer) or Credit Card (via PayPal).
  • Upgrades:  Once purchased, future upgrades are available at a discounted price. The upgrade price is for a one-time upgrade only, so subsequent upgrades would require the purchase of a new upgrade.
  • Web-version domain license: The web-version is licensed for usage on a single website domain or subdomain, e.g. There is no limitation to how many times it can be used within that web domain (e.g.,,, etc.). Use on another web domain, however, would require an additional license.

Fullscreen demos

  • Anime rankings by genre - Discover the top anime by rating, popularity and genre. Combine genres through the top menu and the genre drop-down in the top-right corner.
  • Top US baby names - Explore historical trends for the top US baby names, by male and female.
  • World trends - A visualization of world statistical trends for a wide range of topics.



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