Create interactive dashboards

StatPlanet Desktop

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(v 3.4)
 Excel-based data management
 Requires no installation

StatPlanet Cloud

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(v 2.0)
Online - cloud or self-hosted
 Data management through Excel, XML or SDMX
 Cross-platform (PC, Mac, Android, iOS & other platforms)
 Drag-and-drop dashboard builder



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Explore world stats

Explore world stats from a wide variety of open data sources


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Web & Desktop
 Explore over 300 world stats on economy, health, education, gender, population and more.
 Free software intended for educational purposes:
guidance for educational use.

World Bank

Explore Web
 Explore 8000+ indicators from the World Bank's Open Data Intiative.
 1st prize winner of the World Bank Apps for Development competition.
 Data is retrieved live from the World Bank database.

Data management

Data Manager

Download Desktop, Excel-based
 Open source tool for automatically importing & integrating data from different sources.
 Automatically detects different data structures.
 Recognizes any country name variations, to harmonize data with different naming conventions.
 Can be easily adapted for any kind of map areas (e.g. districts, provinces) or variables.




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