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"StatPlanet lets people explore more than 3,000 World Bank economic indicators with interactive maps and graphics. It won the $15,000 first prize."
New York Times, 3 July 2011

"You can use the StatPlanet app to follow the story of development in a specific country over the course of decades."
World Bank president Robert B. Zoellick, 14 April 2011

"EdStats' use of StatPlanet helps bring World Bank education data into the modern age with colorful, user-friendly navigation and "pop up" bubbles that display information as you scroll. With a time-lapse "play" button and a Google maps-like functionality that allows you to zoom, grab and highlight, it just might be the most fun you have with data this year."
World Bank Blog, 2 Sept. 2011

"This easy-to-use tool has helped everyone from the UN to Dell realise that evidence-based decision-making can be a pleasure, not a chore."
Think with Google Magazine Think Quarterly, Jan. 2011

"StatPlanet World extremely powerful tool in harnessing real-time country and regional performance wowed the selected panel of judges like Kannan Pashupathy of Google and Craiglist’s Craig Newmark."
SiliconANGLE, April 14 2011

"StatPlanet is the very best product on the market from a data visualization standpoint. We've done a number of different maps with StatPlanet and absolutely love the product. It plays very well with Excel, has a beautiful interface, and is the first product I've seen that allows crowd-sourcing analysis of data. And I seriously think that with enough doggie treats and time, I could train my two Yellow Labradors to use it."
- Larry Sigel, Partner, Iowa School Finance Information Services (ISFIS), Nov. 2014

"StatPlanet has enabled to us to provide our customers with an exciting and intuitive way to visualize their data. In addition to a great product, the StatSilk team has also gone above and beyond in providing us with the support needed to integrate StatPlanet into our website."
- Nicolas Lizop, VP, Development,, June 2012.
"Succeeded in creating my first country map with real data - I'm ecstatic!!!!! StatSilk is the best thing that has happened in my career. Thank you for making Statisticians, Developers and Geographers happy - all at once."
- Marceline Manyika, Managing Director, Datasol Zimbabwe, March 2015.
"[The winner of the Apps for Development global data competition], showing innovative ways to use our data."
- Caroline Anstey, World Bank Managing Director, Keynote - International Open Government Data Conference, July 2012.
"StatPlanet allows you to create some amazing interactive visualisations."
MakeUseOf, 8 Oct. 2010

"StatPlanet - the infographic creator's best friend"
Social Media Today, 4 Nov. 2010

"You can visualize nearly every indicator of economic, social and human development on StatPlanet World Bank...Where one of the challenges with World Bank’s data is how much of it there is, StatPlanet does a great job of helping users zero in on and visualize what interests them."
Programmable Web, 14 April 2011

"...explore, visualise and map data drawn from sources including Unesco's Institute for Statistics and the World Health Organisation. You can also add, import, map and graph your own datasets."
The Guardian, 21 Sept. 2011

"This is really worth a look. But only if you have time on your hands, because you are very likely to get yourself absorbed in it...If you have a point to prove about the global condition, chances are that you can do so here, export it, and show it to whoever it is you feel compelled to prove your point to."

"Originally intended for education policy makers in developing countries, the application is now used all around the world. Organizations and government agencies using it include NASA and Siemens which uses it for marketing purposes." 
-  Het Financieele Dagblad (Dutch Newspaper), 5 Nov. 2011 (Translated from Dutch)

"The clearest and most usable dissemination tool I have ever seen, by a long way."
PRISM Stats, 18 April 2011

"...a storehouse of various statistical information, drawn up in the form of maps, charts and graphs. Here you can learn which country has the highest level of literacy, economic indicators to compare different regions, see the places with the highest crime rates, and much, much more. Moreover, all these data are presented in an interactive way"
-, 29 Mar. 2015 (Translated from Russian)

"Do you want to create interactive graphics and maps? Then StatPlanet is definitely of interest to you. It provides a wide variety of options which provide an excellent means of visually displaying statistics."
- Karrierebibel, 31 Oct. 2014 (Translated from German)

"Even novices, or users with little IT background, kan retrieve, upload and present data [using StatPlanet]."
- GISMagazine, Sept. 2012 (Translated from Dutch)

"The first-prize winning app, 'StatPlanet World Bank', bested a field of 107 entries from 36 countries in the competition that called for digital apps using the World Bank's freely available data."
International Business Times, 18 April 2011

"A prize-winning app designed by a PhD student is part of the growing movement to open up data."

"Every once in awhile a truly great free GIS product shows up and Statplanet is the best I've seen for making flash-based interactive maps and graphs for websites."
MapCruzin, 2011

"This tool helps you to make wonder infographics if it is used properly."
Geeks4Share, 22 April 2011

"Create interactive maps, graphs, and creative visualizations of world data"
Content Marketing For Dummies, 2011

"Fantastic Interactive Development Stats Website!"
Tutor2u, 11 Jan. 2011

"Another good source for both statistics and visuals...if you want a more elaborate map, StatPlanet will suit your needs."
The Next Web, 16 Aug. 2011

"Statsilk offers a number of tools for creating interactive charts and maps, including its free StatTrends software."
PCWorld, 4 April 2012

"StatPlanet is a great tool that creates interactive visualisations [and provides] access to important worldwide data which you can usefully display through some great map visualisations."
Sociable, 23 April 2012

"[StatPlanet] allows users to create amazing visualisations and share them with others."
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, May 15, 2012