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Avoid regions with no data (or when value = 0) from being graphed?!

Dear all,

is there a way in Stat Plant Plus to avoid the map regions with NO DATA or when the value is equal to zero, from being graphed? The thing is that I have maps of municipalities (a bunch of them) and in their background there is a map of the state to where the municipality belongs. I merged them using QGIS 1.8.0. The issue is that I want the state to be displayed on the background but not being graphed (because I dont have information to put there) because in the graph each state appears as zero and is very misleading, it also looks funny.

Please let me know.

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It should be possible to remove it from the graphs by removing the columns corresponding to that map area in the three sheets: Import, Import names, and Data. This would also remove it from the selection panel. But the map itself should remain.

I hope that works for you.