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Problem with import data csv

Available Functionality -import data

I am using StatPlanet Plus with the world Map on at this site -.
For the above referenced site I would like to do the following:
1. In StartPlanet_data_editor.xlsm
   I clear the  data and  import my own data.csv . I save it
        2. To view the results in my browser, i go to the sub-folder ‘web’ and select ‘StatPlanet.html’
       and i get this error: "unabe to load data.csv"
      Do i set something in StatPlanet.html? or.  I try it severeal times but it doesn't work..
Thanks for your help.


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Hi Adimi,

Sorry to hear about this - could you confirm if the 'data.csv' file exists in the 'web' folder? Are you using a PC or a Mac? Did you get any error when clicking 'Save data'?

Perhaps there is an issue saving the data, which could be the case if StatPlanet is in a location on the computer with no write permissions. A good place would be to put it in the 'Documents' folder or on the 'desktop' (if using a PC).

If it does not resolve it, could you share the StatPlanet Data Editor file via e-mail?



Hi, I have a similar problem.  I have uploaded 2 separate reports the first report only included 2 columns (country code & county of registrations) very simple and the Statplanet App showed the results fine.  Then I wanted to include year of registrations so I uploaded another report which included 4 rows (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) with countries listed in the column fields, and then year totals for each country listed in the year rows below each country.  Again seems simple enough, but these results are not showing.  When I click on the adobe flash application, the results don't show, I just get the StatPlanet Splash screen 

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Hi Jody,

It sounds like you may have inserted data manually. When you use the 'Import data' macro it will automatically structure the data so it will display correctly. This is the recommended approach. For details, please see p.6 - 7 of the quickstart guide: http://www.statsilk.com/files/resources/Quick_Start.pdf

If you do wish to insert data manually, then you would need to follow the data structure as detailed in p. 8 - 9 of the above quickstart guide. It sounds like you have the data in the same row as the year. However, the indicator name and data needs to be one row down from the row that has the year indicated. See also the example on p. 9.

I hope that helps,


Using the shapefile map importer I have followed the instructions and data editor seems to load my data however when I click on the StatPlanet application I either get a screen with StatPlanet logo or in when I load from the web folder the application gives an error "unable to load map,map.dbf".
My shape file is only 2 columns (size of file should not be an issue). My id column is numeric and I have a region name text column, My column headers have numbers in them.
The data I import is only one sheet with 7 indicators. Everything seems to import okay and save.
I checked the boxes in Import Names sheet of the data editor but that did not seem to make a difference.
Any assistance in solving this would be appreciated.

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