StatPlanet v 3.2 has just been released - and with it comes an important new interface component - the Story panel. As the name indicates, it can be used to tell stories with your data. The panel can include formatted text and images and has customizable dimensions. It can be customized separately for each indicator and - if required - each time unit as well. Stories can also be displayed as an indicator rollover popup to save screen space. These popups can also include formatted text and pictures (through HTML coding).

See the demo | Download StatPlanet

StatPlanet Tell Stories with your Data

This is a significant addition to the existing StatPlanet toolbox for telling stories with your data. The previous version of StatPlanet added fully customizable map area rollover popups. These popups can also include formatted text and pictures, and can be unique to the selected indicator and time unit. It also introduced rollover category descriptions. These are displayed in a popup when moving the mouse over a category in the drop-down menu.

Other new features and interface improvements include:

• Improved graphs and charts, which have become even more customizeable. The new version adds an option to switch graph labels on or off within the StatPlanet interface, and the number of divisions/gridlines can be set both at the global and indicator level.

• The Table panel has new options to customize the data display, to add data for all time units (e.g. years) and/or for all indicators within a category.

• Selecting data of interest has become easier with a few new selection tools. With the click of a button you can now select all map areas within a particular region, select all map areas in a specific data range (through the map legend), and add/combine map regions using the 'SHIFT' button (from the dropdown menu).

For the full list of new features, please see the release notes. See also the new add-on modules, the Data Encryption module and the much improved Composite Indicator module.

I look forward to seeing the new version being implemented, and to the stories you will tell with your data.