Our new website has just been launched! The company name - StatSilk - reflects the expansion of the product line from StatPlanet to other products, notably StatTrends (formerly Graph Maker) and StatWorld. StatWorld is to become an open data portal with world stats on every topic imaginable. Expect some updates in this area soon!

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New software

  • StatTrends - Formerly StatPlanet Graph Maker, this new software for visualizing any kind of data will be released soon.

New website sections

  • Maps - A new section dedicated to all things maps, from browsing maps on world statistics to downloading shapefile maps to creating your own interactive maps.
  • Gallery - The gallery has been updated to showcase some interesting uses of StatPlanet by organizations such as UNDP and the World Bank.

Business model

  • StatSilk's unique business model is aimed at benefiting non-profit, research and educational organizations as well as organizations in low income countries.

New license terms

Along with the new website is also a change in the software license terms. The changes are as follows:

  • StatPlanet and StatTrends completely free for local organizations and government institutions in low income countries.
  • The different licenses for StatPlanet and StatTrends are now differentiated according to use by 'non-profit entitites' or 'commercial entitites', whereas previously it was differentiated according to 'non-profit use' and 'commercial use'. The difference is that a commercial entity using the software for non-profit purposes will now need to purchase a commercial license.
  • The wording of the license has been updated for clarity.

Coming up

A new mobile version of StatPlanet is under development - so stay tuned!

Update: StatPlanet Cloud has now been released.