Step 1. Download StatPlanet Cloud and extract the ZIP file

StatPlanet Cloud does not require installation. The ZIP file just needs to be extracted onto your computer. The easiest way to extract the ZIP file is to copy it to the desired location, for example the desktop or the Documents folder. Once it is in the desired location, right-click the downloaded ZIP file and select “Extract All” (if using Windows).

  • Important: Do not copy the software into the Program Files folder, because the software can be prevented from writing files in this folder.

Step 2. Set up a map

StatPlanet Cloud comes with a World Map and US State Map. To import another map, please see Step 2 of the Quick Start Guide. It is recommended that you create a copy of the World Map folder and use it as a template for importing a new map.

Step 3. Import data

Data can be imported automatically using the Excel-based StatPlanet Data Manager. This file consists of several sheets, the most important one being the sheet ‘Import’ which will contain all your data.

To import data, please follow the following steps: 

  • Open the Excel-based StatPlanet Data Manager in the StatPlanet Cloud folder from Step 2.
  • Click the button 'Import data' and select a data file to import the data.
  • Click on 'Save data' once you are done.

For more details, please see Step 3 of the Quick Start Guide.

Step 4. View the results

To launch the application, select ‘StatPlanet_Cloud.html’. Please note that offline viewing of the web version is currently only supported using the Firefox browser. Once it is hosted online, it can be viewed in any browser.

Step 5. Customizing StatPlanet Cloud

The Quick Start Guide in Step 5 details the following customization options:

  • Customize the panel layout
  • Add and customize text labels
  • Define map regions
  • Define custom map legend colors and values

Step 6. Online publishing
For online publishing, all the folders and files in the ‘StatPlanet_Cloud’ folder need to be uploaded to the webserver. With a software license, only the data and map files (from the corresponding folders) need to be uploaded to the server. The file ​StatPlanet_Cloud.html contains the HTML code required for running the software, either by uploading this file to the web server, or embedding the contents of the file in your website platform or content management system.
For more details, please see Step 6 of the Quick Start Guide.

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