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Zero StDev for first indicator

Hi there,
A hopefully simple question.  The first indicator in my list always appears with 0 as the standard deviation in the list of summary stats when shown on the mouse over.    Under Import, row 3 of my SP data editor contains the name and year under the category/time columns and I have a set of 4 indicators belonging to this category entered on rows 4 to 7 as required.  It seems no matter how I switch the ordering of indicators and/or sets of indicators, the very first indicator always shows up as having zero SD.  I just wondering if I'm doing something wrong or whether this is a known problem for others.

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Hi Steve,
Thanks for pointing this out. The issue has been fixed in the latest version, scheduled for release ASAP. It occurs for row 4, so if you use StatPlanet Plus and sub-categories, it does not appear, or alternatively 'SD' info can be switched off through the sheet settings (variable V-STAT).