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Using StatPlanet on Mac

I have tried downloading both StatePlanet Lite and StatPlanet Plus and followed the directions in the user guide to replace the maps included with one I downloaded in shapefile format (downloaded from here: http://geocommons.com/maps/40609).
Since I have Office 2008 for mac, which does not support macros, I have been opening various StatPlanet_data_editor files (there seem to be several in both the Lite and Plus downloads) with both NeoOffice and OpenOffice. While the excel spreadsheet does open, I have never successfully replaced the map; when I click the "setup shapefile" button either nothing happens or a file with code and an error message appears.
How can I use the map I downloaded from geocommons, import my data, and create an interactive map using my mac?
Thanks in advance!

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Page 17 of the user guide explains how to set up the shapefile manually (without macros):
This is using you are directly editing the data.csv and settings.csv files (bypassing the StatPlanet Data Editor, which requires macros to be of use). I hope that works for you.