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Using MMM-YYYY format for time series data

  I am working on my first StatPlanet Plus (non-commercial) analytics which will be an Australian states set of time series data so I can track various employment data sets (unemployment, participation rate etc).
  Map is uploaded but the ABS data is not configured correctly for StatPlanet, thus I am having to manually enter the data in the data.csv file. First problem is just the data compile which is failing in the data import.
  I've read the forum and I'm not sure anyone has discussed this exact problem as they seem to work on data which is a year time series rather than a more detailed month time series.
  What I would like to do is rather than look at years I would like to cut my data to month on month. An additional factor is that there is available data to 1978 so probably should ask the question, what is the capacity of StatPlanet to accept time series data?
  All good fun, your thoughts appreciated.

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Hi Shane,
It is no problem to use months or any other time unit in the TIME column. However the import only supports years, which is probably the cause of your issue. Since this question has been asked here a few times I just added it to the FAQ: http://www.statsilk.com/support/faq#date-format
I hope this works for you as well. If you need more details just let me know.
Best wishes,