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Uploaded data, but cannot see all indicators

Brand new to StatPlanet -- great application.
I uploaded my data from two different datasets: one was data I downloaded from one of the StatPlanet preloaded World Bank files, and another was my own file.
Both data sets appear in the data.csv file.
However, when I run StatPlanet, I do not see the indicators from my own file. I only see the indicators for the World Bank file. 
Any idea what went wrong?
I am using Excel 2007 on a Windows 7 OS (64-bit).
Thanks so much in advabce for your help,

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Thanks for your message. Are you using StatPlanet Plus? StatPlanet has an indicator limit so maybe that is why it is not showing up. The desktop version of StatPlanet Plus is free for non-commercial and personal use.

Hi Frank, and thank you for your reply.
I am using plain old StatPlanet (to be honest, I am not clear on the differences between all the various products).
There are only 4 indicators in all: one from the World Bank database and 3 of my own, so i don't think that is the problem. (The indicator limit is 5, right?)
Any ideas?

Ah, I found my problem. I did not save the data.csv file the last time I added my data...
See, I told you I was brand new to this...

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Thanks for the update and glad to hear you managed to resolve it.