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UK Results by Hour

Greetings folks, first of all great looking product, just downloaded it

I have a couple of questions is this possible

Instead of using years/quarters, is it possible also to break down the map by hours?

So I want to have a UK map which seems to have installed ok

Then I have csv data like so

County Hour Conversion
Middlesbourgh 10 15%
Middlesbourgh 11 10%
Middlesbourgh 12 32%
Worcestershire 14 11%
Worcestershire 15 13%
Worcestershire 16 20%
Worcestershire 17 23%

Any advise on how I would achieve this would be most appreciated

Many thanks

Sorry I am using StatPlanet Plus

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Yes you can use any time unit in the TIME column, sorted from highest to lowest. The import macro currently only automatically identifies years (although the next version of the Data Editor can import any date - it will be released very soon). Besides manually inserting your data, you could get around this with the current version by appending 20 to your hours. So for example 10 becomes 2010, 11 becomes 2011 etc. It should then be recognized as a year and import correctly. Afterwards, a "replace all" in the TIME column to find '200' and replace it with '0', then '201' replaced with '1' and '202' with '2' should finish the job.

For an example of how to structure your data if import fails, please see the file 'data_example_for_import_worldmap.xls' included in the StatPlanet Plus folder.

I hope that works for you.


Thanks very much for your reply Frank. That makes sense
When is V4 out do you know?

Also Im struggling a little with the data import or am I missing a trick?

Category County Time DMC
DMC Worcester 2010 34
DMC Worcester 2011 23
DMC Worcester 2012 43
DMC Worcester 2013 23
DMC Worcester 2014 12
DMC London 2010 23
DMC London 2011 54
DMC London 2012 23
DMC London 2013 43
DMC London 2014 54
Sale Worcester 2010 3
Sale Worcester 2011 5
Sale Worcester 2012 6
Sale Worcester 2013 67
Sale Worcester 2014 7
Sale London 2010 4
Sale London 2011 3
Sale London 2012 2
Sale London 2013 2
Sale London 2014 2

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Sorry to hear you did not succeed with data importing. The StatPlanet Data Editor expects data files to have just one row (or column) per map area, so restructuring it in this way should fix importing. For an example, please see http://www.statsilk.com/files/resources/data_example_for_import_worldmap... (using country data).

StatPlanet V4 will be released in two parts - first a new Data Editor which is almost ready for release. It has much greater import flexibility and could import data in the structure you specified. If you wish, a beta version can be provided to test the new import macro. The second part - the application itself - does not have an exact release date yet, but it will be a few months from now.

Hi thanks again for your reply and sorry for the lateness of mine, been away somewhat
I'd be very pleased to check out a beta of the new data editor, please could you send me a copy?
Thanks again
matthewphilipwilson2013 at gmail dot com

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Hi Matthew,
You should have received the beta version. I hope it works for you - you may need to structure the file a bit differently as in the example sent.
If you did not receive it, it may have ended up in your spam folder.