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Thousand separator not showing

Dear All,
I am sorry if this has been answered before and I have browse through the old forum but could not find the answer why my data is not showing thousand separator in the map. I have two indicator, one ranging from 1000 - 9000 and the other ranging from 11.000 - 99.000. The later shows as (for example) 11,7 (in thousand). However, the previous only shows 5433, 1134 etc. I looked in the statplanet plus example and it shows thousand just fine (with "," separator). I am using stat planet 3.0.
Thanks in advance.

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Dear Fitri,
In the 3.0 version the comma only displays when there are 5 digits, but in the new version, v3.1 - to be released in December, it will display also for 4 digits.