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StatPlanet Labels

We added new Labels in the Import,Import Name and in the Text Translations, and We saved it to the settings file.
For example United Arab Emirates,United Arab Emirates (Dubai), we added in all the 3 sheets, and it worked fine,
For United States, it does not work,
Ex , we added the labels, USA, Connecticut and USA, Florida and USA, California the corresponding sheets and it contains the data.
when I view the statplanet, I see that in the All Regions list contains the  label as "US repeated times..
I also suspect that after some specific column , whatever I enter, this problem is occurring..
The column here I use is JN and JO.
Please let us know what is the problem here?.


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Hi Devi,
When you add new names/regions it is best to always add them all the way at the end of the list of countries. If you add them somewhere in the middle you would need to ensure that the order stays the same in the following sheets:
Import, Import names, Data
Otherwise you could get a 'column shift'. The issue might be in the 'data' sheet. In this sheet you should have the corresponding new names you indicated, in the exact same column as in the other sheets. Perhaps this is what went wrong?