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StatPlanet Column name Type

We are using different tool to import the data in the statplanet editor,
What is the need of column TYPE in the statplanet editor?
can I use this column with my own data added , because using these information, I have to find the particular year and row in the Editor, Instead of having a mapping between description and code in the program I want to add a column in the Editor directly , Can I use this column for adding some variable code?
When I added some data now, in TYPE column, nothing affected, but I would like to confirm with you,
It is urgent, Please reply us soon..

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Hi Devi,
The TYPE column indeed does not affect anything. It is the only column in the StatPlanet Data Editor that currently has no purpose except for your own use/reference as you indicate. In the future this column may be used for indicating the data type (to customize the display according to data type).