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StatPlanet Cloud Trial - Settings


Currently working on StatPlanet Cloud Trial, I have two questions i wasn't able to solve :

    - I tried to modify the map region shown when StatPlanet starts. So i used the Quick Start Guide and set Zoom coordinates for 'All regions' in columns B to E . But it didn't work. How can I do ?
    - I also noticed that the changes made in the 'Settings' sheet didn't do anything. Is it because of the trial version ?

Natacha CADUC

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Hi Natacha ,

For map regions, to change the startup region it is a parameter in the "StatPlanet_Cloud.html" file. If you scroll down you will find startupParams:'r=1' where the number (1) can be changed to refer to the region you want. 1 being the full map, and 2 onward the region number in the sheet 'Regions' (so next region down is 2, one below that 3, etc.).

Regarding changes in 'settings' sheet, it is only registered if you go back to 'Import' and click on 'Save data'.

It is also possible to bypass the StatPlanet Data Manager altogether and edit the data/settings files directly in the 'data' folder (which in that case are immediately registered). But the Data Manager can help make sense of options and facilitate data importing.

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Thank you, these issues are now resolved. I would still like to know:

- Is the only difference between the free and paid version the possibility to put online?

- And when I open the US/World example for the first time I can click on the top buttons (bar chart, line chart,...). Then I open the StatPlanet Data Manager, I don't modify anything, and click on save data. When I reopen the example, the buttons have disappeared. These buttons are also missing in my project, even though the settings are correct. Why are they disappearing?

Thanks again for the support!

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The desktop version is free, and for online, there's also a free version - see https://www.statsilk.com/software/statplanet-open-source - however it just excludes the graphs.

For the buttons, it would be useful if you could share the file - this seems very unusual.

Best regards,