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Shapefile map: Error with map produced

I am new to the newer versions of StatPlanet, I was following the User manual to create a new map. When I tried using the Shapefile to create a map, it produced an over-simplified shapes. The map displayed is deformed.  Has it got to do with the shapefile I was using or there is an error with the process. I don't know how to include image to this post, I would have included the screenshot for this.
Version: StatPlanet v.3.4
Platform: Windows 7
Steps taken: I tried several conversions with varying shapefiles from my project and it gave the same result
Error: There is no error report. The map is just deformed
Kunle Ogundele

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Hi Kunle,

Does the map look 'blocky'? Here is the explanation to resolve this (from the file '_important !.txt' in the Shapefile Map folder):

If your map looks 'blocky' or low quality, remove the file "SHPReader.swf" and 
rename the file "SHPReader2.swf" to "SHPReader.swf". Then copy and replace this file
in the "web" directory.
I hope that resolves it.
Best, Frank

Hi Frank,
Thanks a bunch. The solution worked, It is now resolved!!

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Thanks Kunle for the update, you're welcome!
Best, Frank