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Regarding the X axis in the graph

We are exploring the statplanet plus for our statistical data. we dont want to use the year/ month in x axis.I would like to know whether we can use any other variable in the x axis. I tried using different variables other than year in x axis, I get problems when the name  is lengthier..
Also If I want to name the x axis(to denote which varaible I used eg (X:plausible values)) is it possible?

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Hi Devi,

Yes you can actually use any variable in the TIME column. The data would need to be structured in the same way as with dates/years, as explained on p.6-7 of the Quick Start guide:


If the name is too long, you can increase the height of the graph in the sheet settings, variable 'GR-HEIGHT' (you can also reduce the size of the map - see also the User Guide for more details).

It is not possible to add additional information to the graph (such as the axis titles). Additional information can only be displayed (1) below the map legend (the UNIT appears here), (2) general title (under "map title" in 'settings' sheet), (3) indicator "description" popups, or (4) map area mouseover popups.