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Queries for a "time-series" map (comments, indicators, pics etc)

Dear all,
First af all I am using StatPlanet (not the Plus version). I am new and I don't know much things. Now I am learning how to use this fantastic tool. I have a question on how can I add a photo and a comment on the cloud that is presented when my mouse is above a country! Is this possible or not? Otherwise can I have in any way one more panel that I can present a small comment for every country?
Short description: I am creating a "time-series" map with some financial data during the last 5 years. Also, there is ranking and rating for every country that is for 2012 (according to the date of the last 5 years). So I want to show on the graph the differences and the changes in this financial data during this 5 years but in the cloud the rating and ranking that is ONLY for this year. 
I would appreciated it if you could explain me the way! Thanks in advanced!

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Thanks for your comment. Regarding your query, if I understood correctly you wish to show additional information in a mouseover popup message? If this is the case, you can insert comments in the row directly beneath the country (or map area) names. If however you wish to show different comments for each indicator, that is also possible. For that, please see p.31 of the user guide: http://www.statsilk.com/files/resources/User_Guide_StatPlanet.pdf
The next version of StatPlanet will also have support for different comments by year as well as by indicator.

I did it! Thanks for your quick response! I am impressed with the results. THANKS THANKS! One more question just to make it clear. With the StatPlanet (not the PLUS version) can I combine two different researches in the same output or not? As for the images in the popup "cloud" I don't have any results, probably because I am working for "time-series" and not like the example you sent me (am I right?).

You are great. Keep doing it well!!!! Thanks a lot!

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Great that it worked. Regarding two researches, do you mean showing two indicators at the same time? The scatterplot can be used for visualize two indicators. As for the map, it is possible to have a combination of the proportional symbol map (icon bottom left corner) and the regular choropleth/colored map. Regarding the images, they only appear as popups when moving the mouse over the country/map area. Images need to be added in the row below the country/map area names in the StatPlanet Data Editor, sheet import, in the same format as in the example provided.

As the project goes then new problems-challenges I have to face. Once more I would like thank you for your  time Frank. You are amazing with your explanations. So now, I have some more thoughts that need to be answerred. I will number my queries so as to be easy for you to understand. I can understand that you have to answer so many queries so If you don't have enough time please answer me briefly at least (saying to me maybe where can I found the answer if is so easy).
1. Can I have 2 graphs in the same map the same time?
2. Can I have different colours in the graph for every different indicator? So -for example- If I press indicator 1 to have the  green scale and then if I press indicator 2 to have the red scale.
3. Can I have a dialox box that Inside can be presented some other details? (for example I want somewhere to present some data about the country (like population, GDP etc).
4. Also why in time-series map I cannot see the image in the popu menu even I copy and paste the code that is used in the example you sent me? Any idea?

I think I have spent a lot of your time. Sorry and thanks! At least, please, give me a short answer !!! Thanks once more! 

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Glad to be of help. To answer your questions:
1. No this isn't possible, unless you have e.g. a browser panel running StatPlanet side by side with a browser panel running StatTrends.
2. Yes, please see the section on creating custom map legends, by indicator, in the user guide.
3. Yes, please see the section on custom popups / comments in the user guide. These are mouse-over popups. It works similarly to the code you use to include images but can be at the indicator level. It is also possible to have a popup for the indicator (DESCRIPTION column), and additional information in the form of a Map Title (through the sheet 'settings').
4. You are right the old code no longer works. The symbol " needs to be replaced with '. For example, the following should work:
My text etc etc width='118' height='150' /> 

Frank you are my safe! Everything is going well on my project. two(more) questions!
Would it possible to remove all indicators from the popup window so as to show only the comments I want? Or -even better- can I use the indicators in an different row from the one that the popup windows shows these to me automatically?
Thanks a lot!

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Removing the standard popup window text, and replacing it with your custom comments (including HTML formatting) is a new feature in the upcoming version of StatPlanet. It is expected for released in around 6-8 weeks from now. At the moment you cannot further customize this popup other than adding comments.

Hey Frank,
In the popup menu I have a link so as to present the flag of each country. When I am trying to choose countries of the map or choose countries from the  region selection menu then it loads the ulr of the photo-flag but I don't want. At the example with the human evolution they don't have that kinds of problems. What can I do? Please help!


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What is the html code you use to load the flag? Did you use something similar to
also you need to use the one quote symbol: '
not the double quote symbol: ''

Hey Frank!

Here is the code I have in the * comment link (This is appeared in the popup menu).
<img src='; width= '26' height= '26' align='left' vspace='0' hspace='3'/>United Kingdom, London 

Region: Europe 

Income Level: High

In the offline version everything is ok. When I am online the problem is that by choosing the country it loads (at my main browser window) the url.

As for the problem about uploading the map, I hadn't checked this settings you send me. I will apply these right now (actually is missing 'CKEditor SEF'). Do you believe that if i setup this module then i will solve also this problem? In any case I will let you know later!


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I understand the issue better now. Unfortunately resolving this would require an update to StatPlanet, so I will look into this for the next version. Yes I think CKEditor SWF should solve the problem. 

OK. Thanks for understanding. My question is why at the example with human revolution that is available they don't have this issue. I will work for it tomorrow morning and I will let you know. Thanks! ;)

UPDATE: The problem was solved by taking the fotos of the server and not loading by other sites. So this is OK!

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Great thanks for the update