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Problems trying To Import Data

When I try to Import Data on the Data Editor I get the error message.
Microsoft Excel cannot find the data you aresearching for. If you are certain the the data exists in the current sheet check what you typed and try again.
The options are End, Debug or Help. Continue is grey scaled. 
I did not type anything - I simply clicked on Import Data.
Any ideas
Tony McCormack

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Hi Tony,
Could you indicate which version of StatPlanet you are using (StatPlanet, StatPlanet Lite, StatPlanet Plus) and which map (Flash, Shapefile, World, USA), as well as you version of Excel? Many thanks!
It sounds as if the file has been modified, so the issue might be fixed by downloading a new copy from http://www.statsilk.com/downloads

Thanks for the prompt response  - I had so many problems that I was advised to use  a Dell instead. Was trying to load on MacBook Pro. 
Anyway still getting an error. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an option here to add an image.
Basically it states 'Error  1502 a script has executed for longer than the default timout period of 15 seconds'
Any ideas on how to resolve.

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Hi Tony,
Do you get error when running import? Are you using Excel 2010? It sounds like an issue with your version of Excel. Although if you can send the StatPlanet Data Editor you are using I can check if there are any issues with it.