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Problem on uploading map

Hi everyone! I have a problem on uploading the maps in my website. The website is made by drupal (ver 7.15). I have saved all files of the folder web on server. So I imported "StatPlanet.swf", but it doesn't work. It says unable to load content.swf.
I tried to put a word link Interactive Map and i inserted the link, and it works but opening a popup. That means that the content.swf works normally. But I want to add this Map in my page not to open a new one!

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Did you try these Drupal instructions? http://www.statsilk.com/support/faq#drupal

I am having a similar issue.  only that I am using Drupal 6 and I to see the message unable to load content.swf.  I followed all of the instructions on the link you listed above.  I even unstalled and reinstalled with no success.  Any other suggestions?
Thank you

I installed CKEditor_swf (that I didn't have) but the problem still exists. It says "Unable to load content.swf" and if I insert content.swf (instead of statplanet.swf) it doesn't work. So if you have any other recommendations would be great!

I can't find how to set this option:
Select the Properties tab, and below 'Base' insert the location where you placed the files. For example:/files/statplanet

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The problem is most definitely the 'base' issue, without that it cannot find your files.
You could check the CKEditor settings  - e.g. your website/admin/config/content/ckeditor/edit/Full
and make sure the CKEditor SWF plugin is enabled under 'Plugins'.
Secondly you need to make sure that  that the 'Text format' (shown below the body/contents area) is set to 'Full HTML' (if CKEditor SWF is only set to be displayed in this mode). I have also just updated the FAQ with this information.

You are RIGHT! Now it works normally! I haven't paid so much attention at plugins (even you had told it me). 

I finished my project so I would like to say a big THANK YOU Frank for your help! Without you nothing would be good! Sorry for disturbing you all the time! 

You are really great!


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Glad to be of help!