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Pop-up showing for text value on Desktop Lite version, but not on the Website


I have tried using several keywords to locate a query that matches mine, but no luck. Hope I am not repeating an old topic.

I am using StatPlanet Plus. In the Desktop version all non-number values show correctly when I hover over a map region. However, these values do not show up when I use the same feature on the website version of the map. I've tried both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. My data and settings files are excatly the same in both cases. Can this problem be related to content file or any other files? I will appreciate your help.




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Hi Rukhsana,

Sorry to hear about this issue. The web and desktop display should be exactly the same. Perhaps the old data file is still in the browser cache, and clearing cache would work (via browser options, or by pressing CTRL SHIFT DEL).

Otherwise, are you able to share a link to the web version so it can be checked at this end?