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Percentages get imported as text

I am working with 4 indicators and the 50 states on the U.S. map. Three of my columns of data in the original excel file are formatted as percentages, yet when I import they all get changed to text (except the first one, Alabama). I have tried changing these values to percentages from within the data editor, but whenver I press "save data" they convert back to text.

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The percentage numeric format from Excel is not supported in StatPlanet so you would need to convert them to regular numbers, and then multiply them by 100 (since they are stored as fractions). There's various ways to do this efficiently e.g. as described here: http://www.rossgoodman.com/2008/07/25/ms-excel-convert-percentage-to-number/
You can also add the '%' symbol in the UNIT column.
I hope that helps,