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Option: "Group" for StatPlanet Plus

I am having some trouble using the option: "group" in StatPlanet Plus when I have sub-categories (I have done this successfully without sub-categories).  For example, when I attempt to use this feature with sub-categories and place the group code in the category row, the radio buttons fail to appear.  If, instead, I put the group code in the sub-category row it creates raido buttons for all except the last group and the map legend is all messed up.
Am I right to assume the inclusion of sub-categories nullifies this feature or am I just doing something wrong?   
Thanks in advance to anyone who can be of assistance!

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Hi Jesse,
It should also work with sub-categories. Perhaps there is an issue with the code used. In this case it would be useful to see your data file if possible. Attachments cannot be included in the forum, but if you could send a message via the contact form (http://www.statsilk.com/contact) I will get in touch with you.

Hello Frank,
Thanks a lot for your prompt response.  I will send the datset as soon as I can to show you what I am doing (or not doing).