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New Content File: ongoing custom StatPlanet project

I have found a few bugs in the new content file we received a couple of days ago. Since this is a new content file with lots of changes I was already expecting something like that, which is not a problem. But it would be nice if we could solve that.
1) Clicking once or twice in a country is not loading the RSS feed anymore, no matter which option I select on the new settings file. Still hovering over a country opens a pop up saying that a RSS is available.
2) When the icons are included, clicking on play will show the message "loading icons" as each year changes.
3) Scatter plot graph isn't working properly, most of the times after selecting two variables that used to work in the old content file, we get no results, for example, in the vertical axis is says NaN which I assume must be something related to data, even though there is plenty of data for both variables.
4) Selecting north america while icons are showing up still produce random icons in the middle of the ocean.
5) If you are creating a composite, you have a list of indicators, if you hover over the variable it displays the same text we have in the information box, but it shows only the final part of the text, which in our case its a bibliography. Perhaps no pop up in here would be better.
Those are the bugs I have found so far, still we are very happy with the size of the font you have sent us, it looks much better. Also the option of not having icons when the value is zero is really good! Tim will be back next tuesday, it would be great if we could work this out until then. Thanks a lot Frank!

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Many thanks Tiago, I will get back to you via e-mail regarding your customizations. Regarding the scatterplot, that may be a problem in your data file as with the test file at this end it works fine. Would you be able to e-mail the latest data file you are using?

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