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The map on StatPlanet-Cloud dashboard does not display data and information

Dear Frank, Hello again

I am currently exploring the statplanet cloud trial and I have started to successfully operate it. But there is one problem that needs enlightenment from you.

This is related to the GeoJson Map (map.json) which comes from the conversion from a shape file that cannot display data or color information. Maps only appear statically. In addition, from a number of existing regions, only one region (in the last column) can display data and information. Meanwhile the data and other region information cannot show the name or data.

If I use the original default map (map.js), then the StatPlanet Cloud dashboard will display normally again, both the map information and the data and graphics.

For your information, I have followed all the steps to convert and replace maps as written in the StatPlanet Cloud Guidelines ...

Thank you very much and I am waiting for a solution from you Frank,


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Dear Eko,

Sorry to hear about this problem.

It sounds like the StatPlanet Data Manager - setup shapefile map (button on top-left corner of the spreadsheet) - process did not complete properly. You may wish to redo this step. You may also with to use the original 'shapefile' map (a .dbf file) to set up the map. Either way should work, but the method used is a bit different, so perhaps it will be successful with the .dbf , rather than with the 'map.txt' file.

A few other possibilities below:

One issue may be that the map needs to be renamed to 'map.txt', and then a short piece of text (Statplanet.maps["custom/map"] = ) needs to be added in the beginning.

Both will be done automatically if you run the file 'prepare_map.bat' inside the map folder.

You may wish to verify also in the file to run the application, StatPlanet_Cloud.html, that it is looking for the right map file:

var map_file = "map/map.txt";

You may also want to check the GeoJSON map file is working properly, which can be done by uploading it in http://mapshaper.org/ (perhaps the site where you converted it in the first place). This check needs to be done with the original map, i.e. not with the file modified by prepare_map.bat.

I hope that helps.

Best regards

Dear Frank...

It works. Thank you so much for your instruction.

Best Regards

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Dear Eko,

Glad to hear it worked out.

All the best