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Map Regions Mis-aligned


Some map points are linked to the wrong community/region: in other words, when I a map-dot, the place name that appears is incorrect. Suggestions of how to isolate the error?

StatSilk Response:

This might happen if a column is removed in one sheet and not another, causing a column shift. There are three sheets which need to be synced with each other: import, import names, and data - i.e. the columns should be in the same order. To see if they are not synced / matched, you could copy and paste the rows with the map area or map region names info a new spreadsheet. So you would copy the top row for those three sheets, place the rows one below the other, and check if the names match across the columns.

If in the above the names are all correctly, then it means the map point is incorrectly placed, and you could move the map point to the correct location (just like with the map labels) as described in the user guide.

I hope this resolves the issue. If you need more details just let me know.