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Map of Germany and Multiple Data Files


I have two questions :

1. Previously I asked you for a good map of Germany and as per your instructions, I used Berlin and Bremen as 'Map Points'. But now we are willing to use the maps created using StatPlanet Plus in more professional way and these two circles are not looking that good. I have searched in the links for downloading free shapefile maps and VDS Technologies administration maps of countries. But both of them are providing the same map of Germany which does not fulfill our requirement properly. Can you please provide me with the following files for a proper map of Germany or any other source where I can get good shapefile maps??

The files needed are (for map of Germany containing only 16 federal states):

i. map (OpenOffice.org 1.1 Spreadsheet)
ii. map.shp (SHP File)
iii. map.shx (SHX File)

2. Is the new version of StatPlanet Plus already launched where I can use multiple excel files for data? If yes, then how can I get that and what is the price for that? If no, then when can we expect it to be launched??

Thanks and Regards,
Sankalita Mandal
Kaiserslautern, Germany

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Hi Sankalita,
Other than the standard national boundary maps, shapefile maps can be hard to find. For specific requirements a GIS specialist might be needed to modify an existing shapefile maps (StatSilk doesn't provide this kind of service). You could try openstreetmap, or one of the websites listed here http://www.statsilk.com/maps/download-free-shapefile-maps. You could also try get in touch with a German company/institution specializing in GIS. There's also the custom Flash map version of StatPlanet to design the map using Flash (so rather than a GIS specialist this would require a Flash designer).
The new StatPlanet Plus will be launched next week, and yes it has support for multiple data files. For the cost, please see http://www.statsilk.com/software/statplanet-plus#cost