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map is displayed as boxes

I have converted tab file to esri file using unversal translator. However in the flash file map is displayed as a bunch of rectangular shapes like japanese origami!

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Did something possibly go wrong with conversion? Did you try opening it with other software? (see http://www.statsilk.com/maps/useful-free-gis-shapefile-map-tools). If the map is ok in other software but not StatPlanet, you could try 're-saving' or simplifying the shape-file as explained here: http://www.statsilk.com/support/faq#errormap

Thanks, i will follow your instructions. In the mean time may i show you a screenshot about the problem. Problem could be sth different.
It was a proper file when opened in mapinfo. I made the conversion and received no error while opening the flash applcation but the displayed map is quite weird.
Please check this out:
Many thanks,

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Ah ok I see the problem now. In this case just rename or remove the file 'SHPreader.swf', and replace it with 'SHPreader2.swf' (so rename 'SHPreader2.swf' to 'SHPreader.swf'). You would need to copy this file also into the 'web' directory. I hope that resolves it.