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Manipulating mouseover pop-up

Hi all
I would like to manipulate the mouseover pop-up so that when you hover over a region the pop-up returns the value from the data, together with additional information about that value.

For example, suppose I have a region which I hover over, for which the value is 12, the popup would show:

Region X: 12

But suppose I knew that the value Region X could take ranged between 8 and 16. Is there a way to manipulate the popup to display this information as follows?:

Region X: 12 (8-16)

The only way I can think of to do this would be to create two extra maps in the same category, one for the "8" and one for the "16" to get the popup to display the following:

Region X: 12
Region X lower: 8
Region X upper: 12

However, this involves the creation of two extra maps, which I do not want. I just want the extra data displayed in the popup, preferably on the same line as the original data in the popup.

I hope this makes sense! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

If there are any statisticians reading this, from a statistical perspective I am simply trying to display the confidence intervals around the estimate in the popup, without having to program them as separate maps in Statplanet (one map would be the lower confidence limit, the other the upper confidence limit).

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You can add additional information in the popups as described in the user guide on page 31: (Map area mouse-over popup text)
It would show up in the popup as follows:
Region X: 12
The confidence intervals would just need to be specified in a seperate line. 
I hope that helps,

Thanks Frank, I have managed to get that to work as suggested by you and described in the manual.
If there are several indicators, is there a way of manipulating the text so that the commented line appears directly after the indicator you wish? Otherwise, having commented text at the bottom of each popup, below the indicators looks odd because it becomes unclear which indicator the commented text is in relation to.

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Hi James,
No there is no option in the current version to put it directly after the text. Indeed it can be confusing if you have data for multiple indicators in a popup. A solution could be to only show data for the currently selected popup rather than for all indicators (this is one of the options in the StatPlanet Data Editor, sheet 'settings' - variable 'VIEW8').