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International Character Sets

I tried to use Arabic Characters in StatePlanet Plus2.4 Desktop Version but i have a problem.
Before using International Character Sets, Arabic words were mixed up and shown in wierd shapes (like ┬╨╤و). Then, I used your instructions about deploying International Character Sets in the program but still had problem with fonts. Letters did not attach together Correctly (like ز ب ا ن), also it displayed letters still from left to right.
I have no clue how to sovle this problem. I will be gratefull if anybody can help me.

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Hi Behzad,
You are right, there is an issue with right to left display in the current version. This has been looked into for the next version, but unfortunately there are some complications. The text component for right to left fonts requires (1) a rewrite of all text in StatPlanet, (2) a newer version of Flash Player, so those still running older Flash Players (9 and below) would no longer be able to run StatPlanet (though most people now run later version), (3) significantly increase the size of StatPlanet, and (4) it might cause it to run more slowly. 
The solution might be to maintain a seperate version of StatPlanet just for right to left. In either case it is quite an investment in time and effort, and perhaps something that could be requested as a paid customization. I am currently looking at alternative, simpler solutions.