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How to get current version of StatTrends?

Dear StatSilk team,

I used your product StatTrends and I have some work by using it. I can't find ythe latest version of StatTrends in your web site.

How to get it? Is it still supported from you or not yet?

Many thanks for your valuable support.

Best Regards,

Tarek Omara

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Dear Tarek,

StatTrends is being integrated into one product with StatPlanet Cloud. Unlike the original StatPlanet, with the new StatPlanet Cloud the dashboard is completely customizable, and it can be used to visualize non-spatial data as well - some demos of this will become available soon. 

But you can still download StatTrends here:


The original StatTrends is being phased out but please feel free to use the Forum for any questions.