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How to deal with huge set of Data in XML format

I have a project to develop a Stat Planet that include some Data. (Just like the Stat Planet World Bank). 
I've already learned how to do this with excel file. But right now, the data that I need to put in is XML file and it's too large(More than 50,000 rows). Even if I can transfer the data and display them, I still don't know how to deal with such amount of Data in excel. Do you have any suggesstions?
In other word, does State Planet support such amount of date?

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Hi Chen,
There is no fixed limit to the amount of data. With so many rows however I would recommend splitting it into multiple files as explained in the user guide (this doesn't load all files in one go, but only loads the file corresponding to the selected category). See also this example:
If you need more details just let me know. XML support is currently looked into for an upcoming version of StatPlanet.