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Error #2007

First off, great software and I'm planning to purchase the web version in a few days for academic use. It really is fantastic.

I have, however, encountered a problem in Flash, error #2007:

TypeError: Error #2007: Parameter text must be non-null.
at flash.text::TextField/set text()
at content_fla::MainTimeline/updateTimeSlider()
at content_fla::MainTimeline/varClick()
at content_fla::MainTimeline/varClickSelected()
at com.statplanet::SPdata/updateValues()
at content_fla::MainTimeline/changeCategory()
at content_fla::MainTimeline/loadDataFromFile()
at com.statplanet::DynamicMenu/btnDown()

The error occurs when I select some (but not all) categories I have set up for my data - when I try to select the problem categories (either in the table on the top left or the bar chart) the error message appears and won't select those categories to display. I've tried re-importing my data to a new installation of the software but without success.

I am using the shpfile version and any help would be appreciated on this error.
Many thanks

Dr James Kirkbride

I have actually managed to solve this error myself and post the solution to anyone finding the same problem. In my case, I was importing my data from several files. I had incorrectly set up the data in the StatPlanet_data_editor, where I had not originally put the indicator variables on a separate line from the category and subcategory variables. Once I had re-arranged the data exactly as it appeared in the example file that comes with stat_planet, the error resolved.

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Dear James,
Thanks for posting the solution and glad to hear your managed to resolve it on your own.