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Embedded maps on wordpress, I can only load one map

I have more than one page on my site containing an embedded StatPlanet.swf file.
I followed your clear FAQ for doing this - it worked fine for the first page , but when I try and load the second page with a different map - it will only load the first map! I have uploaded a separate full, web folder containing all the info, for each map into w-p/uploads.
I have written in the header.php file the conditional statement required for each page - referring to each page title. I have rechecked many times. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I must have missed something!

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It sounds like an issue with the 'base' reference. If I understood correctly you already have different sub-folders with the full contents of the StatPlanet map in it.

e.g. folders w-p/uploads/map1 and w-p/uploads/map2

On the map1 page you would need to refer to the corresponding sub-folder using e.g.:
and on the map2 page:

To see if the conditional statement is working you could check the html code of these pages and check the base href.



HI Frank
Yes I have 2 separate subfolders in wp-content. I have looked at what you suggest and it all looks to be pointing at the correct folders, unless you mean I need to add additional statements to each page? It would be best if I could give you the urls of the problem pages - is there a secure way of doing this - some of the data is sensitive.
many thanks

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Hi Jennyb,

I just sent you a message via e-mail. Best,


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Hi Jenny,

Thanks for sharing the final solution, copied below.


<!--if ($page_title == 'Title of StatPlanet page 1')>--><base href="/wp-content/uploads/rVVC/web/"/>
<!--else($page_title == 'Title of StatPlanet page 2')>--><base href="/wp-content/uploads/statplanet/web/"/><!--<![endif]-->