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Edit indicators in Popup

Hi StatPlanet,
I have about 14 indicators that I would like to be visible in the popup that appears upon hovering over, in my case, each state in the USA map.
My first question is: is there a limit to the number of indicators that can appear in the popup? (It seems to me that 8 is the limit currently. If so, can I change that?)
My second question: many of the values for the 14 indicators have no data, but instead of the popup box showing that any particular indicator has "No Data," is it possible to simply eliminate that indicator from showing up?
Thanks, Aaron

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Hi Aaron,
At the moment there is indeed an indicator limit, to avoid having the indicators not fit on the screen. There is currently no option to change this indicator limit. That is a good suggestion to have an option to remove indicators for which there is 'no data' from the popup. This is also currently not possible. If these are important issues you can always send a paid customization request via the contact form: