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Distorted Map (Shape)

I'm importing shapefiles of municipalities of Sao Paulo State, Brazil. The IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) provide free shapes of many geographical themes (census tracts, hidrography etc.). I export this shapes from ArcGIS and gvSIG too for use in StatPlanetPlus, but the maps are distorted.
How I do?
Marco (Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil)

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Hi Marco,
What kind of distortion are you seeing? StatPlanet does not support projection (.prj) files, so if this file is required to modify the map projection then this will not appear in StatPlanet. You could try perhaps to save it as WGS 84 (Coordinate reference system).
If with distortion you mean the map boundaries/edges, you could try the following:
rename SHPreader.swf to SHPreader_copy.swf
rename SHPreader2.swf to SHPreader.swf

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Great Frank, it's ok!
These shapefiles were with its distorted borders (serrated, with squares). I changed name of file and ok!
I'm translating some words of "dictionary languages" in portuguese that are wrong. When I end, i'll talk you.
In adition, see the link of IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) with free shapefiles of Census tracts, borders of municipalities, states, neighborhoods, and others...
Statistical databases: http://www.ibge.gov.br/home/download/estatistica.shtm
Maps: http://www.ibge.gov.br/home/download/geociencias.shtm
Thank you,

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Hi Marco,
Thanks very much for the links and for looking into the translation. I look forward to your update on this.
All the best,