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different maps based on the filter selection panel

Hello Sir,
We have the following situation:
we would like to display e.g. data for the whole UnitedStates and for each State of the UnitedStates. If we select 'All Regions' on the selection panels we will need to display the world map and the whole UnitedStates. We would like then to select a filter 'United States' which will show the map of the US containing all the States and will show the States in the selection panel. Your example Multiple Map layers exchanges the map based on the year timeslider and the fact that you do not have data for every region in the same year. We have got data for the whole US AND every State in the same year and would like to show this on two different maps.
We need to see the different maps based on the filter selection panels,it would be nice if you could give us adivise on this issue?

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At the moment multiple maps is only supported via the Custom Flash version, which would require creating your own maps (e.g. by importing vector maps). If this is what you wish to do, I can provide more details.
If you wish to use the existing USA and World Maps, these cannot currently be integrated into one package. In this case there are two options:
1. Maintain two seperate versions (i.e. USA and World Map versions of StatPlanet), with a way to link between them via the filter selection panel in the top-right corner. In the StatPlanet Data Editor, sheet 'Map regions', the URL can be inserted to link to another StatPlanet/map. So in the USA version you'd link to the World Map version, and vice versa for the World Map version. Clicking on this would open up a new browser window/tab with that version.
2. If you simply wish to display national figures for the USA, you could add a prominent map point in the USA map to represent the national figure, with a corresponding label, e.g. 'USA average'. For this, please see p36 of the User Guide (http://www.statsilk.com/files/resources/User_Guide_StatPlanet.pdf). This point (e.g. USA average) would also become a selectable item in the selection panel in the topright corner. 
Alternatively you can request a quote for customization to develop the features you require.

We are happy to inform you that we purchased the statplanet and started exploring in detail..
Thanks for the information, I tried the option 1 by inserting the URL(eg. P:\StatPlanet_Plus\StatPlanet_Plus\USA_map\web\content.swf) in the sheet map regions for north america..when I run the html page, on click on North America, it opens in the same tab where the world map exist and reloads all the data,I expected to reload only the map.. Please let me know what I should do If I want to open in the new tab?
If possible please give me an example file where I can try it out.

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Hi Devi,
Apologies for an error in my previous reply, the map does indeed open in the same window rather than in a new browser window. It also indeed loads up a whole new StatPlanet as you mention, not just the map itself. If users wish to switch back and forth between maps via the interface, loading within the same tab/window would be more logical rather than opening up new tabs/windows whenever the user switches.
If you need specific customizations for this I can send a quotation. Opening a new tab/window would be a fairly simple customization. If you require the option to load multiple maps within one version of StatPlanet, that would be a more complex customization.