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Custom regions for a newbie

Hi - I'm attempting to set up custom regions in StatPlanet  data editor. In the FAQs it details adding the region you'd like to the very last column of row 2 (country list) and adding data.  This works and I see the data.csv file now has my region, but I'd like the StatPanet exe to allow me to select this in the drop down.  How can I do this? 
I also suspect I'll need to define my region as a set of countries ... right?  I'm thinking the map regions tab is the lookup table?   I'm guessing I'd need to add a column - inserting for instance W EU, CEE and MEA - and re-defining the associated countries? I've not seen a description on any of this so any direction would be much appreciated! 

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Adding regions in rows 2 is only if you wish to add data for that particular region, and it can show up as a 'map point'. However it sounds like you want to create a region that will focus on a set of countries in that region, in which case you need to consult the "map regions" section of the user guide - on page 34. http://www.statsilk.com/files/resources/User_Guide_StatPlanet.pdf.
I hope that resolves your issue.