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Creating URL that directs to specific category tab

I have a map here - http://civicyouth.org/maps/state-civic-ed/ with two different categories of indicators -- "Basic Requirements" and "Political Educatoin".  Is there a way to create a URL that goes directly to the "Political Education" tab? 

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Hi Felicia,

Yes you can do that. The steps to do so can be found here: http://www.statsilk.com/files/resources/User_Guide_StatPlanet.htm#_Toc39...

Steps 1 and 2 can be skipped - those are only required if you wish to include a 'share link to current visualization' icon in the StatPlanet interface.

Also, rather than indicator name, you could also insert an indicator ID. This requires that the ID column in the StatPlanet Data Editor has an ID for the particular indicator you wish to link to (so a unique value/number in the ID column, for the particular indicator row).



Thanks Frank.  I appreciate this help.