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Can't view charts with Mac

I have downloaded Statplanet for Mac, and all of the examples load and display properly.

A friend sent me a data.csv file and a setttings.csv file, which load OK on Windows if I put them in a folder with a .exe file that he also supplied. This tells me that the files are in the right format, and I should be able to display them on my Mac

I created a folder and put the two .csv files in, together with a Flash file, "StatPlanet Mac.app", which I presume is the equivalent of the .exe file. But all I get is a window showing "Stat planet". I am fairly sure that I don't need an examples folder, or a web folder. No map data is being loaded.

I am clearly missing something, and I'm hoping you can help me find it



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Dear Mike,

Could you indicate which edition (World, USA or Shapefile) your friend is using, and whether you are using the same edition at your end? This could be one reason for it not working. If it is the 'shapefile version', then you not only need the data and settings files, but also the map files, to be inserted in the 'maps folder'.

I hope this might resolve it.