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Cannot upload map to CMS website builder godaddy.com

Hi!  How do I upload the map to a CMS website builder (in my case it is godaddy.com)?  When I try to upload the content.swf file, all I get is a tiny icon that says StatBuilder, but does not show the map.  I uploaded the following files to the website (the other files in the web folder were not supported by Godaddy):

  • contents.swf
  • data.csv
  • readme.txt
  • settings.csv
  • StatPlanet.swf

The website builder allows me to drag and drop a flash file onto the page.  How do I get the map to work in this format?

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Have you already tried the following instructions? http://statsilk.com/support/faq#CMS
This explains two ways of publishing your map. In any case the first step is to upload them to a folder in your webserver, through FTP for example - please note that all the files are needed from the "web folder". The first option is then simply to run it from this folder via the file 'StatPlanet.html'. The second option is to embed it within the CMS itself which requires a bit more work - and the solution depends on the CMS used. GoDaddy supports the Drupal CMS (http://hostingconnection.godaddy.com/Home.aspx?cat_id=8) and that is one I would recommend for running StatPlanet, if you still have that choice. The above FAQ also provides instructions for the WordPress CMS.