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Can "Select an indicator" bubble remain so people find dropdown menu of maps in middle of screen?

People are believing we only have 3 maps and never finding the list of maps that drops down in the middle of the screen. If the "Select an indicator" bubble could return after the very first arrival at the site that might help. Any ideas? See http://www.worldbeyondwar.org/wp-content/uploads/statplanet/StatPlanet.html and if at all possible send advice to info AT worldbeyondwar DOT org. Thanks!

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Dear David,

There are two things you could do to make the category selection more intuitive. The first is to display a category drop-down menu above the indicator list. This can be done through the StatPlanet Data Editor, sheet 'settings', and setting the variable 'IND-O' to TRUE. The second option is to display the categories as a horizontal menu on top. This can be done by setting the variable 'TOPMENU' in the sheet 'settings' to TRUE. These two approaches do not work together though, so it's either one or the other.


I hope that resolves your issue.