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Can the map resize inside of responsive webpage?


Is there a way to have a map placed inside of a webpage but so that the map resizes when the browser becomes wider? I have a responsive website that I am trying to do this with. I can get the StatPlanet_small.html map code into my webpage but am not able to change the size to percentages, it seems to only work if I give it pixel dimensions (which do not resize). I tried embedding the file via iFrame and get errors. I tried adding StatPlanet.html code to my code and it will not appear if it is located inside an additional container div.

Am I missing something obvious? I don't know very much about JS.


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Hi Christine,

StatPlanet resizes automatically if you run it full-screen (StatPlanet.html) but it is more tricky when embedded in a web-page. I cannot provide exact guidance for this, but you could try this resize code: http://swffit.millermedeiros.com/

I hope that works.