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Can´t select borders

After importing a map to Flash and tracing the bitmap, I try to select the borders of the map so I can change them from ¨solid¨ to ¨hairline¨ but when I click on the border, all I get is lots of dots (not even lines that can all be selected). How do I fix this?

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When you are tracing the bitmap, ignore the traced borders (remove them if possible by experimenting with the 'trace bitmap' settings). You need to create your own borders. For this you need each map area to be separate from each other. If you have succeeded in doing this, you can use the 'Ink Bottle Tool', click on each map area, and it will create a border around it. This will probably result in a map with multiple borders. To resolve this, remove all of the map areas, leaving only the borders. Then remove, one by one, any of the 'duplicate' borders. Finally, use the Paint Bucket tool to fill in the map areas again.
If this doesn't work, tracing bitmap outlines manually may be the way to go: